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Formerly known as "Sweet Home Methodist Episcopal Church" beginning with the church's first minister and founder, Rev. James S. Todd, D.D. in 1881, Sweet Home's first small frame church was built in 1882. Members and friends of Flatwoods Methodist Episcopal Church organized the town church in Gadsden. A detailed hand-written account of Todd's tenure is intact in the church history archives.  Also the 100th anniversary book (December 6-13, 1981) chaired by *Mrs. Beatrice T. Webb and the 120th anniversary book (February-December, 2001) chaired by Ms. Brenda J. Hutchinson, give more specifics to our church history; these and artifacts-photos, church directories and videos give a glipse into our illustrious heritage.


May 19, 1924 (under the leadership of Rev. Charles Coleman) and the official board voted to replace the original small frame church with its present brick veneer structure. Construction for our first parsonage started in 1931 under the leadership of *Rev. R.R. Williams and completed in 1933 under * Rev. William Jones.  This structure is presently (2016) intact as our church office which was renovated under the leadership of our first female pastor, Rev. Clauzell R. Williams.  Our present parsonage, 116 Pinehurst Street in East Gadsden was purchased and *Rev. Marvin Kirkland (1986-1989) was its first occupant.

Four of our 'sons' were "touched by the Spirit of the Ministry"; they are Rev. Collie Moore; *Rev. J.H. Hatcher; Rev. Dr. William Bobby McClain and *Rev. Dr. Jimmy Hood.


Presently, Sweet Home has members who joined under the following

ministers; this span was from 1939 - 2016:


*Rev. Joel C. Carson                 *Rev. T. H. Houston               *Rev. Charles Coleman

*Rev. L.G. Fields                        *Rev. Benjamin Smith           *Rev. O.R. Flournoy   

*Rev. J.M. Ridgeway                  *Rev. W.B. Spencer              *Rev. Frank J. Lee

*Rev.Marvin Kirkland                  *Rev. Watt T. Washington      Rev. Lawrence Watts 

Rev. Elston McLain                     Rev. Clauzell R. Williams      Rev. Dedric A. Cowser

Rev. Troy Walker


Rev. Troy Walker (2016-) is our current pastor whose passion is mission work and we are led to be inclusive-reaching out even more to the community spreading our talents, gifts and faith beyond the sacred walls of Sweet Home.  All praise and glory to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ!!!

We must charge forward!  

                        We must excel our expectations!  

                                                                We must go forth making disciples!


Church Brief-Historial Sketch by Ms. Brenda J. Hutchinson, Church Historian/2016


(*) denotes clergyperson is deceased



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